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Bandsaw Demonstration Sheet
The purpose of this demonstration is to illustrate the following: check the boxes that apply
  • Freehand cutting wood stock
  • Ripping wood stock
  • Cross-cutting wood stock
  • Bevel cutting wood stock

Topics covered in this demonstration: check the boxes that apply
  • General safety operations
  • Identified basic component ( )
  • Identified safety attire (safety glasses, snug clothing, removing dangling jewelry, etc.)
  • Identified safety zone (yellow box, antiskid strips, and arm length)
  • Identified safety Components (emergency shut off, chip guard, table insert, blade guard, etc.)
  • Replacing a blade
  • Setting Guide pins
  • Setting Ball Bearing Blade support

Bandsaw Demonstration Attendance Sheet
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Sam Black _
Jim Brown
Dave Orange _
Brian White