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Course title- Design and Tech- Specialist

Name- Alan Abraham

Address- 6517 Tooney Drive, Orleans

Phone Number- 613-834-1267

E-mail- alan.abraham@rogers.com

School- Ottawa Technical Learning Centre- 485 Donald St.

School Board- Ottawa Carleton District School Board

School Phone Number- 613-745-0347

Fax Number-

Principal- Barry Armstrong

Dept. Head- Ed Zombeck


1) I registered for this course to obtain my 3-part specialist qualifications.
2) I hope to learn more about designing projects for school.
3) I like to work with wood at home.
4) I teach Automotive Repair and Tech Design.
5) See question 4 answer.
6) See question 4 answer.
7) I am a visual and hands-on learner.
8) I can type with 10 digits, and can use Microsoft Word. I also have some experience making videos, dvds, and cds. I am also familiar with auto repair programs such as Mitchell-on-Demand, and GMs’ repair program.
9) I am most comfortable teaching Automotive Repair. I have many years experience in this field.
10) I have no specific areas that I would like to explore.
11) In my spare time I like to do interlocking and build things such as decks and fences and do general landscaping. I also go to the odd car show. I have a show car that I occasionally take out of the garage.