Areas of Improvement
Next Steps
understands basic engine operation
needs to expand knowledge of engine operation
learn about different types of engines
beginning to understand automobile systems
needs to perform more research into different systems
learn about advanced automobile systems
understands basic mechanical repair
needs to learn advanced repair concepts
learn about mechanical diagnosis and repair
understands basic automobile electrical systems
needs to learn about automobile electronics
learn basic electronic theory
starting to listen to instructions
must follow instructions
understand complete instructions before completing tasks
beginning to understand importance of tool selection
must learn to use proper tools for job
improve knowledge of tool selection and purpose
starting to work as a team member
must improve teamwork skills
learn to work with partner(s)
beginning to participate in hands-on activities
must improve participation level in shop activities
work towards more participation in class
beginning to develop good note-taking skills
must improve note-taking skills
work towards improving note-taking ability
learning how to prepare for tests
needs to improve test and exam preparation
work on using available resources for test preparation